Extreme Couponing 101 – Book Review

extreme couponingIn the catalogue of ever-growing couponing guides and e-books, Extreme Couponing 101 (What the stores don’t want you to know) is an extremely short read, offering just 13 pages of information. However, there are still many useful money-saving tips to explore in the publication that offers such an affordable price.

Written by frugal-minded blogger, S. Darvell, the e-book draws from her personal couponing experiences, which led to the establishment of a personal website meant to highlight the importance and process of couponing; as well as to share the many different ways to take advantage of the high level of flexibility that a grocery budget presents. 

Ideal for consumers with no prior couponing experience, Extreme Couponing 101 provides a basic overview of what to expect when “just starting out” and how to best approach the money-saving opportunities that clipping coupons and following grocery store trends can bring. It’s a decent resource to get people jumpstarted saving money on the items they generally purchase the most, such as personal hygiene products, cleaning products, and cereal. 

The style of writing for this e-book is best described as being more of a conversational tone that utilizes a kind of haphazard method of presenting the information. In between a few grammatical and typographical errors, the e-book reads like a friend rattling off everything they know about couponing in one sitting. For example, there is no table of contents, so it’s difficult to easily zero in on a specific topic of interest. Nonetheless, Extreme Couponing 101 is a quick read with valuable information for someone just scratching the surface on couponing. 

While learning some of the ‘big’ secrets are meant to help readers save thousands of dollars off of their grocery bills, it takes a bit of time to get the hang of things. With the promise of showing readers how to save money on food and household necessities, Darvell asks shoppers to devote two months to learning how to effectively coupon in order to save at least 50 percent of their monthly grocery bill. Her personal habits involve dedicating about 15 hours a week to the planning, coupon cutting, and researching of store sales. 

In addition to touching upon the ins and outs of extreme couponing,  Extreme Couponing 101 also addresses the importance of checking weekly store circulars for the latest ads; expanding the scope of where to get coupons; the power of double and triple coupons; an introduction to coupon-stacking; couponing secrets of the pros; Internet coupons; how ordering coupons can maximize overall savings (yes, there are coupon-clipping services that exist); and of course, the shopping tricks and tips that stores wished consumers didn’t know that you can learn how to use to your full advantage. 

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