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As a growing number of consumers seek to save the most money on purchases both online and offline, the availability of shopping resources have also increased. In an attempt to help shoppers save money with attractive deals and coupons, DealsPlus provides an online shopping ‘community’ that takes a more visually engaging approach than other sites ..

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DealsPlus logoAs a growing number of consumers seek to save the most money on purchases both online and offline, the availability of shopping resources have also increased. In an attempt to help shoppers save money with attractive deals and coupons, DealsPlus provides an online shopping ‘community’ that takes a more visually engaging approach than other sites when it comes to helping consumers find their favorite brands, have fun shopping, and explore new ways to save money.

What is DealsPlus?

Established in 2006, DealsPlus currently offers a Pinterest-style display of shopper-curated collections that not only highlights the latest retail deals and coupons, but also adds an element that showcases current trends in shopping. DealsPlus aims to maintain “an online community of bargain hunters,” who track down the best deals and coupons to share with one another. Users who sign into the shopping resource gain access to thousands of deals and coupons from over 15,000 stores, which they can search, share, and comment on.

DealsPlus HomePage

With more than 6 million monthly users and counting, DealsPlus allows members to customize the way they browse for savings; promote their favorite deals; follow other members; and also receive e-mail alerts for their favorite stores.

All of above provides a one-stop shopping experience that takes the hassle out of clipping coupons and searching the Internet for savings, coupons and deals.

The popularity of DealsPlus is also seen in their growing social media following, as there are more than 209,000 Twitter followers and 522,000+ Facebook fans. The site also calculates that users have shared 1,612,880 deals and 245,567 coupons; therefore, it is a pretty active resource to consider when looking for money-savings deals both online and offline.

How Can I Start?

To start exploring the full capabilities of the site, consumers are asked to sign up at DealsPlus by establishing a free account using an email address or by logging in with Facebook. When using an email address to register, you are asked to choose a username and password for the site. Email confirmation completes the process of registration.

DealsPlus Sign Up Screen

What to Expect with DealsPlus

As an unregistered user of DealsPlus, you should expect to find a resource that blends shopping trends with a money-saving resource that highlights some of the best online sales, deals, discounts, coupons, special offers, and shopper-related news, like the posting of weekly Target ads. Registered members are afforded extra perks, such as the ability to submit deals and coupons; share shopping tips; ask questions; follow ‘favorite’ users; and receive email alerts.

DealsPlus What to Expect

Registered users can also make money by when they sign up to participate in DealsPlus’ Money Makers Program.

The front page highlights the Today’s Hot Deals & Coupons. Similar to the manner in which Pinterest operates, users of DealsPlus can ‘like’ and ‘add’ items to their own collections, which appear in an easy-to-view tiled arrangement.

DealsPlus Example of Todays Hot Deals and Coupons

Older savings, discounts and deals are found below today’s deals/coupons, and are arranged by date.

How Do I Use DealsPlus?

To search by keyword for specific stores, deals and coupons, use the search bar located at the top of the DealsPlus website. Below is an example of what you will see when searching for ‘laptops’. Stores that typically sell laptops are featured first, followed by all of the deals and coupons related to laptops that have been posted to DealsPlus, including the machines themselves, laptop bags, speakers, mouses, and laptop backpacks.

DealsPlus Search Results for Laptop

Located to the right of the search bar is a dropdown-menu icon that when clicked, allows users to search by category (ranging from Apps to Women). This menu also reveals plenty of clickable icons and links to further define a specific search in the following ways:

DealsPlus dropdown icon

My Feed: Here is where the updated collections you’ve decided to follow are found, and over time, the feed will become more customized to the kinds of things you like.

DealsPlus Navigation Menu RevealedFresh: Newly added deals, sales and coupons are categorized here.

Heating Up: Highlights the deals and coupons that are increasingly receiving the most ‘likes’ and ‘saves’ from the community.

Coupon Codes: Coupon codes and online promo codes for stores, such as Macy’s,, the Home Depot, and OfficeMax.

Printable Coupons: A range of printable coupons and in-store coupons for retailers, like Chuck E Cheese, Staples, and Sears.

Collections: Searchable by category, all the collections on DealsPlus are listed, showing the creator of the list, total number of items, and the last update. Below is an example of a member-created Collection of Freebies.

DealsPlus Example of a User Collection - Freebies

DealsPlus Icons for Saving Liking and Sharing DealsAn example of a Collection

How to ‘Like’, ‘Share’ and ‘Add a Deal to a Collection’

When users see a deal or item that they’d like to add to their own collection, placing the cursor over the item causes three icons to appear.

1) The ‘plus sign’ (+) adds a deal to one of your Collections.

2) The ‘heart’ allows you to ‘like’ the deal.

3) The ‘arrow out of the box’ icon allows you to share the deal by way of email, Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest.

Step-by-Step Instructions on How to Submit a Coupon or Deal

DealsPlus Purple Navigation Bar for Users

1. To submit a coupon, deal, link or tip to DealsPlus, click the large ‘+’ (plus) button located at the top right of any page.

DealsPlus How to Submit a Deal

2. A pop-up will appear that allows you to select the type of deal you are adding. Choose from: Deal/Product (an item offered at a discount or a storewide sale); Coupon (in-store and online coupon codes); or Link/Tip (helpful tips and blogs related to saving money).

DealsPlus Adding a Product or Sale

3. To submit a Deal/Product OR Link/Tip – enter the URL of where to find the deal/product. To submit a Coupon – you are asked to fill out a brief form that identifies the store; coupon type; and description ($25 off coffee machines; free shipping; etc.). Optional details to enter include the coupon code; URL; and expiration date.

4. Proofread your submission to make sure titles are complete; proper images have uploaded; and all the details of the deal are correct.

5. Click Submit. If your deal or coupon is not a duplicate, it will post under ‘Fresh Deals.’

Does DealsPlus Offer Cash Back Opportunities/Referral Program?

DealsPlus does not offer any direct cash back opportunities, but instead provides a way for users to make money through their Money Makers Program. The current payment list for the program is as follows, and is subject to change at any time:

Deal post: $3.00/1,000 views

Coupon post: $3.00/1,000 views

Deal update: $1.50/1,000 views

DealsPlus does not have a referral program.

DealsPlus Video Explanation

DealsPlus uploaded a YouTube video explaining the basic goal and vision regarding their website, which can be viewed below:

Consumer DealsPlus Review Video

To get an idea of a user’s experience when adding a promotion to the newer DealsPlus site, watch the instructional video review below:

Special Features of DealsPlus

In addition to providing access to an active community of deal hunters, members of DealsPlus can also take advantage of the following special features:

* Money Makers Program: DealsPlus has in place a program that allows users, who attract the most people to view the deals and coupons they’ve posted, to earn money – basically by contributing, sharing and updating deals on the site. Those who join the Money Makers Program are able to follow their personal progress through a Paypal-associated dashboard that tracks posts, updates, pageviews, special links, and earnings. To apply to become a part of the Program, you must be a member (16 years or older), and legally authorized to work in the U.S.

DealsPlus Dashboard for Money Makers Program

DealsPlus Widget* Widget: In addition to being able to share the most popular coupons on your own blog or website through the DealsPlus widget, the widget also allows a user to earn money. The site states that for every 1,000 clicks that coupons on the widget receive, members can earn $10-$30.

* DealsPlus Extension for Firefox: There’s an add-on for Firefox users to install, which makes it easier to add deals, coupons and links from any site to DealsPlus. A bookmarklet is also available, which easily drags to the Bookmarks bar of a user’s browser.

* Ask & Share: DealsPlus has a question-and-answer section for users, where they can post questions, share their best shopping strategies, and learn new bargain-hunting tips. Posted answers are also rated with a thumbs up or thumbs down. Money Makers also have the opportunity to earn money for giving the most insightful or helpful tips and answers to community questions. DealsPlus states that they pay $3 for every 1,000 views a top-rated answer for any one question gets; and $3 for every 1,000 views of a shopping tip.

* DealsPlus’ Blog – The Plus Side: DealsPlus has an official blog dedicated to shopping and lifestyle topics, which features an assortment of posts associated with trends, buyer guides, savvy shopping tips, different ways to save money, and trending deals that have received the most ‘pluses’ by community members.

* DealsPlus App: Available on iTunes, DealsPlus has their own highly-rated, free mobile app for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices, which provides instant access to the same deals, coupons and savings that are posted on the site. Users are able to search and browse deals on thousands of items, and the app has been praised as being well-designed and user-friendly.

DealsPlus iTunes App

Any Complaints Regarding DealsPlus?

In an attempt to upgrade and update the look and function of DealsPlus, changes were made around February 2014 that seemed to upset many long-time users. The majority of their complaints seem to suggest that the newer arrangement of the site might not be as user-friendly as it once was, such as:

The front page is overwhelming; and although while showing “more” options than before, some users feel it is harder to actually locate targeted information or the specific shopping details they seek.

Visually, the scrolling feature has become cumbersome for a handful of users, and some have mentioned that it isn’t as ‘easy on the eyes.’ It is also mentioned that it can be a bit time-consuming having to scroll down the page to view deals and coupons.

The searching-for-deals function is said to produce a smaller list of possibilities than it once did, which causes some users to employ additional steps to locate deals and coupons. For instance, when a member clicks on a store where a deal was found, it directs them to the coupon page of the store instead of the actual deal they seek.

DealsPlus had always allowed users to give praise to users who posted a good deal or coupon by giving it a ‘thumbs up,’ but the newly implemented ‘thumbs down’ feature has not been as well-received by many who believe users are abusing the feature.

In a Nutshell…

With nearly 6 million visitors on a monthly basis and despite recent changes to the site, the user-generated social shopping experience that DealsPlus provides is still a popular platform for saving money. Unregistered users can browse and share the latest hot deals and coupons, while registered members can take advantage of additional privileges, such as saving offers for later use, promoting good deals, and participating in the community atmosphere of the website.

Longtime users of DealsPlus have voiced their opinions regarding recent updates pertaining to the form and function of the website; something new users will not notice as much. The visual appeal of the site has a modern, Pinterest-style, social media flair to it that some will simply have to get used to over time. Overall, the site connects users with a constant influx of attractive deals, discounts and coupons across the Internet that are valid for both online and offline shopping.

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