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Searching for the best coupons and deals can become a time-consuming task, but with the help of online resources that locate and organize the savings for you –spending your time more wisely is easier than ever. Accuracy, daily updates, and easy navigation are all attributes of a well-designed coupon and deal resource, and DealCatcher succeeds ..

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DealCatcher LogoSearching for the best coupons and deals can become a time-consuming task, but with the help of online resources that locate and organize the savings for you –spending your time more wisely is easier than ever. Accuracy, daily updates, and easy navigation are all attributes of a well-designed coupon and deal resource, and DealCatcher succeeds in all three – supplying the kind of information (from online coupon codes to price comparisons) that helps shoppers make the most informed purchase decisions.

What is DealCatcher?

Established in 1999, DealCatcher was a venture started by Dan Baxter, who wished to create an effective resource to assist his family and friends save money online. Over time, Baxter enlisted the help of a longtime friend to create a site that focused on elevating the consumer’s shopping experience. Outfitting the site with tools that allowed shoppers to locate the best deals across the Internet, DealCatcher’s online community soon flourished.

DealCatcher Homepage

Today, offers a host of daily online coupons, printable coupons, product deals, retail sales, rebate information, seller details, and featured offers that are constantly updated by staff and contributors to the site. Additional store-related details also highlight other ways to save money (such as joining a retailer’s Reward Club); price-match opportunities; and how to use a coupon when redirected from DealCatcher to the retailer’s website.

Access to weekly store circulars, Black Friday deals, and weekly newspaper ads further helps consumers find the best deals and save the most money both on- and offline. Unlike similar sites, DealCatcher does not require a user to become a member or sign up for an account in order to ‘unlock the savings.’ However, there is an option to sign up for their newsletter, as well as create keyword-related Deal Alerts that are sent via email.

Attracting more than 6 million page views per month and representing online deals from more than 1,500 merchants and retailers, DealCatcher has caught the attention of numerous shoppers, publications and news outlets; and has been featured by the likes of CNN, ABC’s The View, PC World, Wall Street Journal, MSN, and USA Today.

What to Expect with DealCatcher

DealCatcher Purple Navigation Bar

The homepage of DealCatcher is a rather lengthy scroll-down of savings that provides a timely overview of all the information available on the website. The navigation bar is located at the top of the page, and allows users to search for deals using the following filters:

* By Stores The coupons and deals of featured stores are categorized, arranged and searchable in numeric/alphabetical order, from 1-800-GOTJUNK? to zZounds.

DealCatcher Featured Stores Alphabetical Order

* By Coupon: A searchable page filled with online and printable coupons that can be sorted by popularity, newest, expiring, store name (A-Z), and price directs users to the latest coupons. The left-hand sidebar allows users to filter their search by the Type of Coupons they wish to browse (online, printable, or both). Category search options, such as Electronics, Clothing & Accessories, and Household, are also found on the sidebar.

DealCatcher Online and Printable Coupons

* By Deals: Product deals, such as iTunes App Store offers; Apple iPhone No-Contract Smartphones for AT&T; and pre-owned Amazon Kindles, are found in this section, which is searchable by category, price, newest, expiring, and other filters.

* By Location: The deals and coupons that pertain to a certain city or region allow users to take advantage of savings found specific to their location, such as local restaurants, merchants, entertainment venues, spas, and attractions. Users can adjust the city/region of a search by scrolling the drop-down list of destinations (from Abbotsford to Youngstown); or by entering a particular zip code.

DealCatcher Local Deals and Coupons

Scrolling further down DealCatcher’s homepage, a collection of featured stores with corresponding discounts or deals is positioned underneath the main search bar.

Directly below, a single deal referred to as the ‘Catch of the Day’ is displayed with information providing a description of a ‘hot deal’; where the deal is being offered (name of seller or retailer); direct links to items related to a particular sale; and how long the deal has been posted.

An example of a Catch of the Day featured deal for American Eagle Outfitters is shown below:

DealCatcher Catch of the Day

Today’s Featured Deals is a brief section that showcases some of the hottest online deals of the day with images, brief product details, seller information, original and sale prices, and a ‘Get Deal’ button offering a direct link to the savings. An image-rich grid of clickable links to View Categories on the site is positioned after the featured deals of the day.

DealCatcher Todays Featured Deals

How Can I Start?

It is not necessary to sign-up for DealCatcher, as in, every visitor to the site encounters the same user-experience with no ‘special perks’ given to registered members. There is no account information to submit or email addresses needed to gain access to all of the features for the site.

The only time an email address is required is if users wish to become a newsletter subscriber. To receive email alerts for the best deals, you can sign up for DealCatcher’s newsletter, which users can unsubscribe from at any time.

DealCatcher also allows users to create Deal Alerts (instant email updates), which are based upon chosen keywords, such as Best Buy, Kohl’s, laptops, toys, Apple, Old Navy, or any other keyword of choice. Whenever a new deal or coupon is posted to that includes a chosen keyword, an alert is sent to the user.

DealCatcher Keyword Alerts

How Do I Use DealCatcher?

There are three primary ways to conduct a search on DealCatcher:

DealCatcher Search Bar with DropDown Categories

1. Search by Keyword: To perform a keyword search, enter a brand name, store name or any other keyword (like ‘computer’ or ‘patio’) to pull up all of the coupons, promo codes, stores, and deals associated with the keyword.DealCatcher Categories - Electronics2. Search by Category: To search by category on DealCatcher, simply click the ‘Browse‘ button located on the side of the search button to reveal a drop-down list. Click on ‘Categories‘ to open a page that sorts items using the following six broad-ranged categories (each with its own list of sub-categories): Clothing & Accessories; Electronics; Games & Entertainment; Computers & Office; Household; and Everything Else.

As shown above, the Electronics category is broken down into HDTVs, Digital Cameras, Audio & Video, Phones & Cellular, GPS, MP3 Players, Camcorders, Memory Cards, and Digital Picture Frames.

3. Search by Store: Either type in a specific store name using the DealCatcher’s search bar to retrieve results; or click on ‘Stores’ found under the ‘Browse‘ button’s drop-down list to search an alphabetical listing of all the stores featured on the site.

To take advantage of a specific deal offer or coupon code on DealCatcher, the approach will vary according to the retailer or merchant. In some cases, coupon codes are automatically added to a ‘shopping cart,’ while others require shoppers to manually copy and paste the coupon code found on DealChecker during the checkout process.

DealCatcher Share a Coupon Example - Banana Republic

DealCatcher also allows users to share deals with family and friends, which can be accomplished by clicking the Share” button located underneath a specific store deal. You can choose to email the deal to a friend (or yourself), as well as share on Facebook, Twitter, or Google+.

Step-by-Step Instructions on How to Submit a Coupon

1. To submit a coupon to, click on the ‘Submit a Coupon’  link located at the bottom of the homepage, in the footer section.

DealCatcher Submit a Coupon Footer

2. A page will open up that reveals a form to fill out, as well as the guidelines for submitting a deal to the site, such as only sharing public coupons, and making sure promos are not private/internal offers.

3. Enter the Store Name; type of Coupon (online or printable); description of the discount; and the expiration date.

4. Entering the Coupon Code is optional, but when you do, make sure to type the code exactly as it appears – some promos are case sensitive.

4. When submitting a printable coupon, enter the URL. DealCatcher Purple Add Coupon Button

5. Click the purple ‘Add Coupon’ button.

Does DealCatcher Offer Cash Back Opportunities? does not offer any cash back opportunities nor has a referral program in place; this online resource concentrates on supplying users with online and printable coupons, store sales, discounts, and local deals.

DealCatcher Review Video

To get an idea of DealCatcher features and benefits that have caught the eye of consumers, watch the following YouTube video posted by a Channel ABC news affiliate, which praises the site for its nationwide and local deals, as well as its Sunday Ads section:

Special Features of DealCatcher

In addition to providing access to an online coupon resource that doesn’t require an account, registration or a membership, DealCatcher is also known for providing the following conveniences:

DealCatcher Colorful Bar Graph of Stats* Hand-Selected and Tested Coupons: To ensure a user does not waste their time on expired offers or false savings, DealCatcher handpicks and tests every one of their coupons before posting it to the site. While the company does not have the capacity to verify every deal on a daily basis to make sure all postings stay accurate and current, users can take care in knowing the most recently posted deals have been checked and deemed effective. 

* Black Friday Deals: Users can follow the highly-anticipated end of November savings by clicking on the ‘Black Friday’ link located at the bottom of the website’s homepage.

* Sunday Weekly Ads: Many users find the ‘Sunday Ads’ feature of DealCatcher a convenient way to stay on top of the deals advertised in weekly sales circulars and Sunday newspaper ads without having to spend money on purchasing a newspaper. This free collection of money-saving information includes the likes of Department & Clothing Stores; Electronics & Computers; Pharmacy &  Health; Home Improvement & Furnishings; Online Supplies (like Staples and Office Max); Sporting Goods & Toys; a few Restaurants; and an extensive lineup of Supermarket & Grocery Stores – ranging from A&P to World Market.

DealCatcher Sunday Ads icon

To further narrow down options, Sunday Ads can be filtered by state.

* Compare Prices Tab: To make it easier for shoppers to search for the best prices regarding a wide range of items, DealCatcher provides users with a search engine that helps compare prices. The price-comparison tab is located at the very bottom of the website; and lists the current prices for items sold at some of the most popular websites, as shown below.

DealCatcher Price Comparison

You can search by department or by product with the lowest prices highlighted in red above the green ‘Compare Prices’ button.  Upon clicking ‘Compare Prices,’ the detailed information of featured stores selling a specific product is displayed, which reveals the price, the ‘bottom-line price,’ available discounts (such as free shipping), the name of the seller, and seller ratings.

DealCatcher Price Comparison Results

Any Complaints Regarding DealCatcher?

Any long-lasting deal site isn’t free from criticism, but the complaints that have surfaced regarding DealCatcher are few and far between. Most seem to stem from the following:

* A Defunct Forum: Due to inactivity, DealCatcher’s forum was shut down, which eliminated the ‘community’ element from the site. The ability to ask questions and receive unique answers from other like-minded shoppers was considered a rather helpful feature for some.

In a Nutshell…

DealCatcher is a handy resource for many shoppers who do not wish to register or become a member of an online coupon and deal site just to gain access to the savings.

DealCatcher Logo for bottomIn operation for nearly 15 years, online reviews and commentary suggest that the resource was more popular in its heyday; yet the site still provides a beneficial source of information for finding some of the best deals. For instance, DealCatcher offers a few conveniences that many other comparable sites do not, such as providing the ability to compare product and store prices across a wide spectrum of options; the ability to pinpoint local deals, as well as connecting users with the latest Sunday weekly ads for a wide range of retailers conveniently located in one spot.

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