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Joining the collection of money-saving resources, uses a different approach than their competitors – tracking coupons from online merchants in real time by utilizing one of the most popular social media platforms, Twitter. With a tagline of ‘Real-Time Coupons… Big Time Savings’, users of CouponFollow do not have to set up an account in ..

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CouponFollow LogoJoining the collection of money-saving resources, uses a different approach than their competitors – tracking coupons from online merchants in real time by utilizing one of the most popular social media platforms, Twitter. With a tagline of ‘Real-Time Coupons… Big Time Savings’, users of CouponFollow do not have to set up an account in order to gain access. The company additionally offers what has been considered as one of the most convenient, coupon code-related browser add-ons, to date.


What is CouponFollow?

Since around 2009, CouponFollow has operated as a real-time money-saving search engine that seeks out and categorizes coupon codes from thousands of online retailers, businesses, and services, such as Home Depot,, HSN, Priceline Negotiator, and Radio Shack. What sets CouponFollow apart from other coupon-tracking resources is that the information filling their databases primarily comes from the real-time user activity of the ultra-popular social media platform, Twitter.

Discounts and promo codes mentioned on Twitter provide the bulk of the savings found on CouponFollow, whose staff organizes the information into easy-to-navigate categories that are searchable by store name, keywords, and popularity.

Because of this, users often gain access to coupon codes that may slip through the cracks of similar sites. For instance, discounts for lesser-known companies, small businesses, and marketplaces, like Etsy and Artfire, are included in CouponFollow’s database.

CouponFollow Homepage

With the option for users to submit their own code finds, CouponFollow offers a well-rounded collection of savings that constantly grows on a steady, daily basis. The popularity of discount codes is fueled by how many times the site’s users tweet or retweet a coupon.

 The community and editors of the site also vote and provide feedback to help strengthen the overall site experience. CouponFollow verifies hundreds of coupons per day, and marks codes as expired or not working, when applicable. Users can also find detailed information, various ways to save money, and helpful statistics regarding specific retailers by browsing individual store pages. In addition to providing a coupon database on their website, CouponFollow also has a free browser extension that connects shoppers to instant coupons while shopping online.


How Can I Start?

CouponFollow Connecting Your Twitter AccountUnlike other sites which grant extended privileges to members who sign up for an account, users do not join the site, but instead, authorizes CouponFollow’s application to communicate with their Twitter account.

Once you authorize the app, CouponFollow will be able to read Tweets from your timeline, see who you follow, update your profile, and post Tweets for you. The company will not be able to see your password or gain access to your direct messages.

With the promise of receiving no more than a couple of emails per month, users can also join a mailing list to get e-newsletter notifications regarding the hottest and most popular coupons.


What to Expect with CouponFollow…

 CouponFollow locates and tracks coupon codes in real-time as they appear on Twitter. The popularity of these coupons increases as users vote by retweeting codes. Visitors to the site are not required to create an account to use this convenient resource, but in order to get the most out of special features, those who have connected their Twitter account gain the ability to easily follow/unfollow specific websites’ coupon codes (similar to how people follow the tweets of others on Twitter). Connected users also receive their very own feed of customized coupon codes cultivated from the websites they currently follow.

CouponFollow Navigation Bar

The navigation bar situated at the top of the website provides access to Coupon Codes, Stores, Trending, and Submit a Code. Below is an example of what is seen when someone visits the site.

CouponFollow Dropdown Menu for Coupon Codes

A drop-down list for Coupon Codes reveals many different ways to browse available coupons:

  • Trending Coupons: Highlights the codes that are currently the most popular.
  • Today’s Coupons: The discounts that have been added within the past day.
  • Popular Coupons: The most popular codes over time.
  • Newest Coupons: The freshest codes that have just been added to the site.
  • Featured Coupons: Codes associated with featured merchants.
  • Verified Coupons: Codes that a retailer specifically tweets from their accounts.
  • Marketplace Coupons: Discount codes for shops associated with marketplaces, such as Etsy, Bigcartel, and ArtFire.
  • Influential Coupons: The promotional codes shared by influential Twitter users.

* The Stores tab on the navigation bar takes users to a page that highlights popular websites with coupon codes; and allows users to search for coupons by store, which are arranged in alphabetical order.

* The Trending tab features an ongoing stream of the most current coupon codes.

When browsing specific store or brand coupons, the majority of retailers and brands have individual coupon pages which provide basic information about a store. All of the current coupon codes that have been recently submitted, tweeted or voted on by the CouponFollow community are on display first, as seen in the Coupon Codes page below. Site details that appear on store pages include verification, the number of current coupons, and the total number of coupons that have ever been associated with the retailer.

CouponFollow Example of Amazon Coupon Page


An Individual Store Page

CouponFollow Featured Online StoresIndividual store pages additionally have a space to sign up to monitor their codes via email, as well as receive alerts when new discounts are available for a specific retailer.

Store pages also highlight additional ways to save money by providing direct links to a specific retailer’s website and social media accounts (Twitter and Facebook).

CouponFollow’s homepage also includes a link to download the site’s free coupon search tool; signup for the site’s e-newsletter; links to featured online stores (such as, Uber, Nike, LivingSocial, Shopbob, and Puma); and a widget for becoming a Facebook follower.


How Do I Use CouponFollow?

CouponFollow Search BarTo search by keyword for specific retailers and brands, there is a search bar located at the top of the CouponFollow website.

Below is an example of what appears when a user enters ‘Nike‘. The latest and most popular coupons, promo codes and discounts that have been recently shared by Twitter users are displayed, starting with the most relevant – a clearance sale and free shipping offer from the Nike Store, followed by online shops and sports apparel retailers that are offering discounts and other deals on Nike gear.

CouponFollow Nike Coupon Codes Page

CouponFollow Browse by Store - the Letter PTo browse by store, users will find an alphabetical lineup located at the bottom of website. When searching for a specific retailer by letter, every store that fits the criteria that have or has had coupon codes tweeted on Twitter is listed.

For example, there are currently 10,949 websites starting with the letter ‘P’ that appear in alphabetical order across multiple pages. It is recommended to use the keyword search bar to conduct quicker searches.

As mentioned earlier, users can also search by type of coupon by accessing the Coupon Codes drop-down menu located on the main navigation bar.

Individual coupon code listings, like the one shown below for, provide the name of the retailer or brand; state a short and long description of available savings; how long ago the coupon was posted (and by who); and of course, the coupon code itself.

CouponFollow Example of a Coupon Code Listing - anthropologie

To use a featured coupon, click on the coupon code to ‘copy it’, and when it’s time – enter the code into the proper space as indicated by the retailer’s website during checkout.


Step-by-Step Instructions on How to Submit a Coupon Code

CouponFollow Submit a Coupon Code with Star

  1. To submit a coupon code, start by clicking the ‘Submit a Code’ tab located on the website’s navigation bar at the top of the website.

CouponFollow How to Submit a Coupon Code

  1. A pop-up will appear which allows users to enter in the information specific to the coupon code, such as website URL, actual code, expiration date (optional), and description.

CouponFollow Completed Coupon Code Submission

  1. As a user enters in the information, a preview of the finished entry appears at the bottom of the pop-up screen. There are also a limited number of characters allowed for each entry (100 per coupon entry); a running count located above the ‘preview‘ tells how many characters are left.
  1. After reviewing the preview of the entry, click ‘Submit Coupon’ to complete the process.


Does CouponFollow Offer Cash Back Opportunities?

CouponFollow does not provide users with a way to earn cash back on purchases.


Does CouponFollow Have a Referral Program?

CouponFollow does not have a referral program.


CouponFollow Video

CouponFollow has their own YouTube channel, which features a few videos to explain how to use the site and redeem coupons. The following video is one that helps users gain a better understanding for on how to use the Coupons at Checkout app for iOS 8:


Special Features of CouponFollow

 In addition to providing the most up-to-date and latest coupon codes found on Twitter, users of CouponFollow also praise the following special features:

* Wider Scope of Coupons: In addition to providing coupon codes to major retailers, such as Macy’s and Kohl’s, CouponFollow also highlights discounts for smaller, lesser-known businesses. For example, the resource connects shoppers to discounts and savings associated with popular marketplaces, such as Etsy, whose artisans and vintage goods sellers often share discounts and promos solely on Twitter.

* Free Browser App: Allowing users to gain automatic access to coupon codes, discount codes, promo codes and voucher codes, Coupons at Checkout has a relatively new browser app (and not a toolbar) which takes the hassle out of searching for coupons. Shoppers no longer have to interrupt their online shopping excursion to search for money-saving codes. The app does all the work, and there’s no need to copy or paste any codes; discounts are instantly available.

Couponfollow Coupons at Checkout Laptop

Coupons at Checkout is free, and compatible with PC and Mac computers, working with the most popular browsers that shoppers use to shop online, such as Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Internet Explorer. Users will find savings at over 100,000 e-commerce sites within the app’s database, which is also available for smartphones.

* Unobtrusive Browser Extension: The Coupons at Checkout browser extension has been praised for “staying out the way” when users shop, and not acting like an “annoying pop-up.”


Any Complaints Regarding CouponFollow?

 Criticism for CouponFollow is pretty scarce, and most of the comments regarding the site’s options and reliability have centered on the free browser app, Coupons at Checkout. Although CouponFollow doesn’t claim to have 100% accuracy or to provide 100% support for every single coupon code and retailer on the Web, the following complaints have surfaced:

 * Incompatibility with Ebay: Some users expressed dismay that the Coupons at Checkout app may not work as well (or at all) when shopping on Ebay.

 * Does Not Support All Sites: Users have pointed out that the application doesn’t seem to support every online shop’s site they frequent; some of which do have available discounts.


In a Nutshell…

CouponFollow Logo for ConclusionCouponFollow provides shoppers with two different ways to save money when shopping online: through their Twitter-connected coupon site, and their ultra-convenient, complimentary Coupons at Checkout browser extension. With the power to gain instant access to coupon codes across thousands of online retailers, CouponFollow is probably one of the most time-conserving, money-saving coupon resources for shoppers.

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