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In this day and age, an increasing number of consumers rely on coupons to save money, which has prompted more coupon/deal sites (and mobile coupon apps), to emerge in the marketplace. Standing by the tagline ‘Coupons that Actually Work,’ Coupon Sherpa is slightly different than similar online sites, as they started out as a mobile ..

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Coupon Sherpa Review

Coupon Sherpa Logo for topIn this day and age, an increasing number of consumers rely on coupons to save money, which has prompted more coupon/deal sites (and mobile coupon apps), to emerge in the marketplace. Standing by the tagline ‘Coupons that Actually Work,’ Coupon Sherpa is slightly different than similar online sites, as they started out as a mobile app before establishing their web presence. Today, those who use the site and mobile app gain access to a wealth of printable coupons, coupon codes, grocery store savings, and money-saving tips heralded as being incredibly easy, helpful, and convenient to use.

What is Coupon Sherpa?

Coupon Sherpa Mobile App for What Is CSIn March of 2009, the iPhone version of the Coupon Sherpa mobile coupon app was launched, and quickly gained the respect of iTunes staff. That September, launched to provide an online resource that centered on the posting of the latest coupon codes and printable coupons. Two years later, grocery store coupons were added to the website; and the mobile app for Android devices was also born. Highlighted by The New York Times,, TIME magazine, CBS News and ABC News, Coupon Sherpa has become a favorite of many consumers and money-saving pros alike.

Keeping an eye out across the Internet to find the best online and in-store coupons, Coupon Sherpa is constantly on the hunt to locate the most reliable coupons in the form of codes and printables that allow users to take advantage of discounts whether they are within the comfort of their own home or physically shopping at their favorite store.

Hundreds of coupons are available for popular retailers and restaurants that include the likes of The Gap, Aeropostle, Best Buy, Macy’s, Staples, Payless Shoes, Applebee’s, and Bonefish Grill.

One of the most winning features of Coupon Sherpa is their mobile app, which is compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, and Android devices 2.2 and up. The app provides an onslaught of in-store offers for hundreds of retailers, stores, and restaurants. With location-based GPS, users are able to locate the nearest store according to their current position.

Available coupons come with bar codes that are directly scanned at a checkout from a user’s smartphone. A ‘Favorites’ section keeps preferred stores in one convenient place for quick and easy access. Users of the app can also easily share their good deals with family and friends by sending an email or text, as well as posting to social media, such as a Facebook account.

How Can I Start?

Coupon Sherpa Newsletter Sign UpThere are no member accounts or site registration needed in order to start using Coupon Sherpa. The only option that requires a user to submit their email address is if they’d like to sign-up for their free email newsletter, which delivers deal announcements to an Inbox on a weekly basis. Also, in order to use Coupon Sherpa’s mobile app, a download is required from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

What to Expect with Coupon Sherpa…

The bulk of what to expect on the Coupon Sherpa website is found along the navigation bar, which is located underneath the header and search bar of the homepage. Users can quickly find savings by exploring one of the following categories:

    • Coupon App: Information regarding Coupon Sherpa’s mobile app is found here, including background information, the benefits, screenshots highlighting the unique features, a FAQ section, and links to the Apple App Store and Google Play. There is also a link for businesses that wish to submit a coupon for acceptance into the mobile app system.

    • Printable Coupons:
      A drop-down menu first reveals the Top Printable Coupons for the day that include savings for hundreds of brick-and-mortar retailers, restaurants and services that include JCPenney’s, Lane Bryant, Target, and Sports Authority. Options to sort printables by store (alphabetically arranged) and categories (from Arts & Crafts to Toys & Games) are also available.Lastly, from 5 & Diner to Zaxby’s, there are more than 200 eateries represented at any given time in the Restaurant Coupons section, which lists establishments in alphabetical order. The number of available offers and a link to ‘View Coupons’ take users to a separate page filled with a restaurant’s Specials of the Day, coupons, and exclusive promotions.
    • Coupon Codes: Searchable by store and category, choose Top Coupon Codes from the drop-down menu to view the best offers of the day, which are listed by the number of times they’ve been used.Coupon Sherpa Todays Top Coupon Codes


    • Grocery Coupons: Featuring a link to the Top Grocery Coupons for the day, users can also search by Manufacturer (like Huggies, Bounty, Colgate and Dole), Category (from Baby to Pet Supplies), and Grocery Stores, such as Krogers and Albertsons, to find free, printable coupons to use at the local supermarket. It is important to note that access to grocery coupons are no longer available on the mobile app.
    • Coupon Sherpa Weekly Ads for Popular Stores


  • Weekly Ads: Browse the latest weekly ads and circulars from your favorite stores to keep up with special in-store promotions, markdowns, and the latest sales. From auto parts stores to pharmacies, there are hundreds of different inserts and advertisements to browse, which include retailers and stores such as Walmart, Staples, Big Lots, Macy’s, Aldi, CVS Pharmacy, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Rite Aid, and Lowe’s. This section is also searchable by store and category.

How Do I Use Coupon Sherpa?

Coupon Sherpa is primarily an online coupon code and printable coupon site that is pretty much straightforward to use. You can start by conducting a keyword search for coupons by using the hard-to-miss search bar located within the header of the website.

For example, type in ‘Best Buy’ and the search engine will produce clickable results for Printable Coupons, Online Coupons, and even the store’s Weekly Ad.

Coupon Sherpa Navigation Bar for Coupon Codes - How to Use

By clicking on designated links situated on the site’s navigation bar, you can browse many different options for Coupon Codes, Printable Coupons, Grocery Coupons, and Weekly Ads – all of which are further searchable by Store and Category.

To utilize the mobile app feature of Coupon Sherpa, you must download the application for your Apple or Android device, which is accomplished by clicking on Coupon App.

Does Coupon Sherpa Offer Cash Back Opportunities?

Coupon Sherpa does not offer cash back opportunities, and is a site that mainly concentrates on connecting users to online coupon codes, printable coupons for in-store use, and mobile app coupons for retailers and department stores.

Coupon Sherpa Video

To get an idea of the kind of praise that Coupon Sherpa has received over the years, watch the video below to see the illustrious Dr. Oz endorse the mobile app:

Consumer Coupon Sherpa Review Video

To make it easier for new users to get the hang of Coupon Sherpa, the company posted the following YouTube video on their website, which highlights one consumer’s experience when using the site to easily save money:

Special Features of Coupon Sherpa

Some of ways that Coupon Sherpa has been able to keep users happy and satisfied with their services are found in the following special features they provide:

  • Coupon Sherpa Mobile App - Under Special FeaturesHighly Rated Mobile App: Available for free on both the iPhone and Android devices, Coupon Sherpa’s mobile app comes highly rated for its ease of use, variety of coupons, and absence of annoying advertisements. The app allows users to search for deals and coupons for stores, restaurants and services located within their region; and skip the hassle of having to print out a coupon in order to use it at the store. Simply present a relevant coupon found on your smartphone to a cashier during checkout, and they will scan the associated bar code to take off a discount or added savings. In 2009, the mobile app earned the distinction of being named an iTunes Staff Favorite; and has also been praised by The Wall Street Journal, MONEY Magazine, and The Dr. Oz Show.
  • Coupon Sherpa Blog: Providing visitors with helpful shopping tips and money-saving tricks, Coupon Sherpa has its own blog that writes about topics, such as special holiday-related savings, and ways to get free food by participating in eating challenges at restaurants.
  • Birthday Freebies: Coupon Sherpa provides plenty of ways to treat yourself to something nice (and free) with a list of restaurants and other businesses that provide a little something extra for a birthday boy or girl.Examples of some of the birthday discounts to look forward to include a free Pizookie dessert from BJ’s Restaurant/Brewhouse, a free entrée at Applebee’s, and a 20% off birthday coupon for J Crew Factory. Convenient links are provided for the restaurants that require a ‘Sign Up’ in order to reap e-club and birthday club rewards.
  • Coupon Sherpa Birthday Freebies
  • Businesses Can Submit Coupons: There is an option for businesses to submit their own coupons to appear on the Coupon Sherpa mobile app. A form asks for a contact name, email address, the name of the business, and contact phone number.

Any Complaints Regarding Coupon Sherpa?

By offering a regularly updated, efficient couponing haven for consumers, there aren’t that many complaints associated with Coupon Sherpa. Minor criticisms have included the following:

    • No Grocery Coupons on Mobile App: Some users have cited that they wished Coupon Sherpa would offer mobile grocery store coupons (like the manufacturer coupons clipped from the Sunday newspaper)…and at one point, they did. However, since many users were faced with slow-loading grocery coupons that left them unable to take advantage of savings by the time they were ready to checkout – this particular feature of the app was discontinued.


  • Some Digital Coupons Not Accepted: Some users have complained that stores do not always accept a digital coupon found on Coupon Sherpa’s mobile app, which should not be attributed to the app. A handful of stores are equipped with optical scanners (instead of a laser scanner), and are simply unable to scan a barcode from a smartphone.

In a Nutshell…

Coupon Sherpa Dude for the Bottom

Coupon Sherpa is an online resource that provides access to a wide-ranging collection of coupon codes, grocery store coupons, and in-store printables to help users save the most money on their shopping trips. As the name implies, supplying the latest and greatest coupons for online and offline use is the targeted benefit that the business aims to make available to the public.

Unlike similar sites, Coupon Sherpa started out as one of the first in the mobile coupon department, offering daily updates on the latest offers. Because of this, the website almost seems to take a backseat to mobile couponing, as Coupon Sherpa heavily promotes their mobile app and its features. There is no community atmosphere associated with the Coupon Sherpa site (with the exception of an erratic, fruitless comment section found at the bottom of most webpages). Despite all of this, the site still offers an ‘engaging’ feel to it. With the birthday freebies section and an inviting design, Coupon Sherpa is a valuable source of savings for both the online and on-the-go shopper.

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