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With all of the many different ways to save money, online coupon sites have been gaining steam with grocery store shoppers and bargain hunters for quite some time now. However, there’s nothing worse than falling in love with the promise of a deep discount only to find out that it just doesn’t work…it’s a dud…a ..

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Coupon Cabin Review

CouponCabin LogoWith all of the many different ways to save money, online coupon sites have been gaining steam with grocery store shoppers and bargain hunters for quite some time now. However, there’s nothing worse than falling in love with the promise of a deep discount only to find out that it just doesn’t work…it’s a dud…a disappointment.  Enter, which has been alerting the public to both online and offline savings since 2003. And…you’ll be pleased to learn that they do things a little differently when it comes to guaranteeing the validity of their online coupon codes…

What is CouponCabin?

CouponCabin connects consumers with hundreds of thousands of coupons and deals representing a wide range of retailers, including Target, Macy’s, Forever 21, Bath & Body Works, Pottery Barn, Sears, Kohl’s and Ralph Lauren. In addition to providing coupon codes for online use, the website also shares printable coupons for local businesses and grocery stores. The site also highlights hot sales, the latest promotions, daily deal alerts, product recommendations, free shipping opportunities, manufacturer and store coupons, and staff picks. 

CouponCabin Website Homepage

At any given time, there could be more than 750,000 coupons and deals found on CouponCabin, which also offers savings for Canadian shoppers.

With what seems like an endless assortment of savings, users have numerous options at their disposal when utilizing the search features of CouponCabin, including keyword searches, search by category, and the option to browse themed collections, such as The Homeowner Collection, which concentrates on coupons for home decor, furniture, paint, tools, and electronics.

CouponCabin’s homepage provides a great deal of information for users, including an assortment of codes, promos, and sales that can be sorted by popularity, expiring, and the newest. The site also keeps track of motivating daily stats that include the most popular store of the day; average savings; the number of available coupons and deals; and the amount of money people have saved within the last 30 days.

CouponCabin Daily Stats

The fact that the coupon codes on CouponCabin are constantly monitored by their staff makes this resource a reliable method of saving money that cuts out the wasted time people tend to spend when stumbling over expired deals and incorrectly advertised savings.

Sign Up or Log In for CouponCabinHow Can I Start? 

CouponCabin is a free service for users that does not require registration. However, to take advantage of the MyCabin feature and up-to-the-minute coupons and deals delivered to your inbox on a daily basis, signing up for a free account with the website is highly recommended. You can also sign up to have personalized discount alerts regarding savings at your favorite stores emailed to your account.

To create an account for CouponCabin, you can sign up using an email address or connect through Facebook.

How Do I Use CouponCabin?

Carters Coupon Example on CouponCabin

Example of a highlighted deal on Coupon Cabin.

You will notice on CouponCabin’s homepage that offers and deals are situated in a tile-style arrangement. The anatomy of every offer featured on the site consists of many different pieces of information and links that include the following:

  • The top left corner identifies the kind of savings being offered: coupon code, promo, sale, or staff pick.
  • The logo of a retailer or brand appears in the top right corner.
  • Every offer indicates the last time it was tested.
  • If any exclusions exist, they are noted.
  • The ‘Found in’ section highlights the location of offers as they appear on the site, making it easier for users to find different coupon options in related or similar categories.
  • A blue button in the bottom-left corner allows shoppers to ‘Activate Deal,’ ‘Shop Sale,‘ or ‘Get Promo Code‘.
  • An “house/cabin” icon adjacent to the blue button allows users to save an offer for later.

Outside of conducting the usual search-by-keyword function (such as typing in the name of a store in the search box), there are numerous approaches to search for specific coupons and other offers on CouponCabin. After selecting a search method, you can then choose to sort by Offers or Brand, where available offers are then arranged in alphabetical order: 

Search by Coupons

Shopping by Coupons on CouponCabin

Searching by Coupons provides options to conduct a search according to the type of savings that interests a consumer, such as Codes & Promos, Sales, Free Shipping, and Grocery, which offers savings on food and goods sold at the supermarket (with some being store-specific, like ones only valid at Walmart). Printables represent the kinds of coupons that you print out to use in-store, and include retailers such as Kohl’s, Macy’s, Best Buy, and a great deal of clothing stores. Freebies provide online and in-store free samples and products.

The CouponCabin staff also highlights the best deals, sales and discounts they’d use themselves with Staff Picks, which are identified by a small ‘thumbs up’ icon. The latest offers are found in Just Added, while Expiring Soon highlights your last chance on certain deals.

Search by Category

Shopping by Category on CouponCabin

Searching by Category allows consumers to view coupons that fall within a specific classification, such as Home & Garden, Pets, Shoes, or Travel. When scrolling down the page, you’ll find that more fine-tuned, related ‘Shop By’ Categories appear. For example, when clicking on the category of Flowers, Gifts & Parties, you will find additional categories that include Costumes; Gift Baskets; Greeting Cards & Invitations; and Party Supplies.

Search by Collection

Shopping by Collection on CouponCabin

Searching by Collection helps consumers zero in on specific themes with an expanded scope. For example, click on the Foodie Collection icon to find coupons from retailers and brands that sell cookware, items for entertaining, appliances, wine, chocolate, coffee, and other food-related purchases from the likes of Omaha Steaks,, Starbucks, Lindt Chocolates, Nespresso, and Williams & Sonoma. Additional Collection options include The Health Nut, The Fashionista, The Bride-to-Be, and The New Mom.

Foodie Collection Sort by Offers Example

One of the best ways to get the most out of CouponCabin is to utilize the MyCabin feature, which allows shoppers to save the deals that have caught their eye in one centralized, convenient spot. This personalized view of sales, deals, and coupons from your favorite stores and brands is for your eyes only, and is accessible when you sign into CouponCabin’s website. 

My Coupon Cabin Personalized Account

Snippet of a MyCabin dashboard.

The MyCabin dashboard consists of: 

  • Recently Viewed Coupons
  • Average Savings from using CouponCabin
  • Newly Added Deals
  • Saved Coupons & Deals
  • Stores You’re Following
  • Collections You’re Following
  • Categories You’re Following


Step-by-Step Instructions on How to Use Coupon Codes

1. After locating an offer you’d like to take advantage of, click the ‘Get Promo Code’ button if you want to immediately use the code to shop at the indicated store. Click on the ‘cabin’ icon to ‘Save’ the offer for later; where you can locate it within your ‘MyCabin’ dashboard when you’re ready to use it.

Carters Coupon Example on CouponCabin

2. A pop-up window will appear with the coupon code of your choice. If multiple codes exist for this same offer or store, they are also indicated below. Click ‘Copy’.

Getting a Coupon Code on CouponCabin

3. Follow the link to the retailer or brand shown below the coupon code. In this case, you would click on ‘Shop‘ Shop as you normally do on the retailer’s website, and when ready to purchase items – the coupon code you’ve ‘copied’ is automatically applied at the checkout. 

ShopCarters Image for How to Use Coupon

4. Before leaving the CouponCabin pop-up window, there is a section to sign up for alerts regarding the retailer or brand associated with your selected deal. Your email address automatically appears in the open space, simply click ‘Get Alerts’, and CouponCabin will send notifications every time a new coupon or deal for Carter’s (in this case) is added. 

Sign Up for Carters Alerts Snippet

Does CouponCabin Offer Cashback Opportunities or Referral Programs?

Unlike many online deal and savings sites, CouponCabin does not offer cashback opportunities or referral programs for members and users.

What to Expect with CouponCabin

CouponCabin boasts to have one of the largest offerings of printable grocery and in-store coupons. As a user and member of CouponCabin, you should expect to find an impressive number of online coupon codes, promos, sales, printable savings, and many other ways to save money when shopping and making purchases from online and offline retailers and brands. 

With a guarantee that the company stands by, CouponCabin not only shares the best deals, discounts, coupons, and online promo codes that have been tested and verified beforehand, but also offers information and learning tools that help consumers expand their overall savings, shopping techniques, and couponing savvy. 

Videos on CouponCabin

To get an idea of the positive reviews that CouponCabin receives, the following YouTube video provides a bit of background information and a recommendation from personal finance guru Clark Howard, who is seen praising the website and its mobile app on a CNN program. Howard refers to CouponCabin as one of the top ways to save money:  

Special Features of CouponCabin

Some of the features that set CouponCabin apart from other online savings sites are the following perks that make it easier to use the website to find the best online and offline discounts, coupons, and sales: 

CouponCabinGurantee* The CouponCabin Guarantee: CouponCabin stands by its “100% Cabin tested” guarantee that if you happen upon a coupon code that doesn’t work; they will actually compensate you for your wasted time – in the form of a $25 gift certificate to To take advantage of this offer, there is a short form to fill out that asks for the store name, order number, date, and coupon you tried to use. CouponCabin states they handle 26,000 test orders a week to make sure codes are in working order. According to the FAQ, all coupons are tested at least three times a week. This guarantee and promise comes directly from the company’s President and Chief Savings Officer.

* Mobile App: Boasting that it replaces “six single-purpose coupon apps, giving you more savings power, with less work,” CouponCabin has a free mobile app available for Android devices, iPhone, iPod, and iPad. The app allows users to quickly and easily find online coupon codes, in-store savings, and grocery store coupons. 

Users can also receive location-based alerts that ‘go off’ when they are shopping close to a particular store or mall that has available coupons. Other highlights include local savings, daily deals, and a map feature that shows the lowest gas prices in town.

CouponCabin Mobile App for Smartphones and Tablets

* My Coupon Camera: As part of the mobile app, My Coupon Camera actually allows consumers to convert paper coupons into digital versions that are then stored in the app for easy scanning at the checkout.

* Coupons for Troops: A little known fact is that the military can use expired coupons; valid on overseas military bases for up to six months past their expiration date. Since 2011, CouponCabin has been accepting expired coupons for troops, which have been shipped to military families around the world – resulting in more than 19,000 packages being sent out. 

* CouponCabin University: CouponCabin doesn’t just advertise the latest sales and deals, but also takes an interest in teaching shoppers the best way to save money. From explaining the basics of couponing to highlighting elevated couponing techniques, CouponCabin University touches upon the following helpful topics: 

  • where to find coupons
  • coupon organization and storage
  • how to maximize store and manufacturer coupons
  • the best times of the year to shop at grocery and retail stores
  • discount programs (for seniors, students and the military)
  • how to become an expert saver at Walmart, Walgreens, CVS, Target, and Rite Aid

* Online and In-Store Freebies: CouponCabin offers a collection of freebie alerts that consumers can request or take advantage of online, in-person, or by using a smartphone app. To show the depth of their freebie offers, examples include attending a free yoga class at Lululemon on Sundays; getting a free small Slurpee using an app at 7-Eleven; sending away for a free L’Oreal Park shampoo and conditioner sample; and getting a free piece of chocolate every month when becoming a Godiva Rewards Club member.

Any Complaints Regarding CouponCabin?

Even for a coupon site that boasts one of the largest collections of coupons and deals, there are still a few gripes that people have expressed. For the most part, the negative criticism is minimal, and centers on the following opinions:

* Too Many Emails: Signing up for email alerts and notifications from CouponCabin has proven a headache for some, who dislike experiencing what they feel is an overwhelming number of emails “flooding” their inbox. Some subscribers have been so bothered by the frequency that they’ve chosen to opt out of the emails.

* Busy, Confusing Site: The deal and coupon offers are set up in a tile-like structure with various ads and links to other categories intermittently dispersed throughout. Although many feel the categories are set up pretty nicely on the CouponCabin site, there are some who view the site as “very confusing and boisterous.”

* Selection: A few consumers have voiced their concerns that they wished the site offered more codes for the retail stores that they shopped at; the site tends to concentrate a great deal on mainstream retailers.

In a Nutshell…

CouponCabin Save for Later IconIt costs nothing to join or use CouponCabin, and the site comes highly recommended by the average consumer, extreme couponers, and amateur bargain-hunters alike. It only takes a few minutes to search for coupons before making a purchase online, why wouldn’t you take the time to locate the codes that allows you to maximize your dollars?

With a blog and tons of helpful information, such as outlining various coupon-related store policies and giving explanations of store loyalty programs, CouponCabin isn’t just your typical money-saving resource – it actually takes the time to teach users how to become more coupon-savvy. Overall, CouponCabin is one of the first places many come to save money, as well as learn and grow as a well-informed shopper.

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