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Today, consumers scour the Internet in search of the best deals and discounts, looking for promo codes and online coupons that save thousands of dollars each year on purchases that range from a new refrigerator to car tires. is one of those places that eliminates the headache-inducing process of trying to locate the best ..

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Brad’s Deals Review

Brads Deals LogoToday, consumers scour the Internet in search of the best deals and discounts, looking for promo codes and online coupons that save thousands of dollars each year on purchases that range from a new refrigerator to car tires. is one of those places that eliminates the headache-inducing process of trying to locate the best deals from brand name retailers and beyond.

Saving you the hours it can take to Google your favorite stores or specific items of interest, Brads Deals goes one step further than just posting available savings; they also provide the details that allow you to make the most informed decisions when shopping both online and offline.

What is

There seems to be an endless amount of deal and couponing sites scattered across the Internet – many of which present an overwhelming number of promo codes, online coupons, and printable savings. Let’s face it…the majority of these offers really won’t do you any good, and it can take a lot of time on your part to sift through the deals you don’t want or doesn’t fulfill any of your shopping needs.

Then something like comes along, and you now have an option to take advantage of a money-saving approach that strives to provide the best, overall shopping experience for bargain hunters. The reason why this one-stop resource is considered one of the best places to find online coupons and deals is because Brad’s Deals saves you the time and energy it takes to sort through all of the offers. They research, ‘handpick,’ and highlight the best 100 or so options…and they do so by providing the well-rounded explanations as to why these choices are the finest with detailed write-ups that show the bigger picture.

Brad’s Deals also stand by their recommendations, stating they only publish the sales and promotions that you’d most likely want to share with only your closest friends and relatives. The site does all the hard work for you – finding and sharing the newest deals, online coupons, promo codes, and printables that can help save the most money when shopping.

If you’re interested in making money by using a deal site that offers extra perks, like referral programs and cash back opportunities, then Brad’s Deals is not for you.

However, if you are a savvy shopper looking to save money by purchasing items from the retailers offering the deepest discounts and most attractive coupons, then you should bookmark and subscribe to their daily deal email alerts right away.

How Do I Use

If you’ve come to Brad’s Deals in search of the latest and greatest online deals and coupons, the navigation bar located under the search bar is the best place to start. The most helpful, money-saving components to pay attention to on the site include the following:

  • Newest Deals: The freshest, newest deals to hit are posted in the Newest Deals category found on the navigation bar. Click the link to browse the most recent site posts.
  • Top Deals: Deals that have received the most comments and ‘likes’ are often featured in the Top Deals category, where consumers typically share their experiences using the deals posted on, offer additional tips, or express their gratitude for the discounts and savings.
  • Search by Category: To find deals for specific types of products, from coffee and tea deals to discounts on baby apparel and equipment, click on Categories for quicker results.
  • Coupons: Brad’ offers two separate sections for coupons: Online Coupons and Printable Coupons, which posts the most current and up-to-date ways to save using coupons. It is here that you’ll find various opportunities to save at clothing stores, restaurants, car repair shops, cell phone retailers, jewelry stores, retail shops, home décor sites, vitamin shops, boutiques, and even travel-related agencies, like getting a car rental upgrade.

You will not find an all-inclusive list of every coupon code and printable coupon under the sun at, but the site aims to focus on highlighting what is perceived as the ‘top’ coupons offered online from some of the leading brands on the market. In a sense, Brad’s Deals provides what would be considered a more ‘premium’ deal and couponing experience.

How Can I Start?

In order to take advantage of the deals and discounts featured on Brad’s Deals, you don’t have to do anything at all. Simply browse the site to find savings on the things you like or need to buy. The only actions that require a sign-up (or “account”) is if you’d like to have deal alerts sent to your email address, which you can choose to have delivered on a daily, twice a week, or weekly basis. You may also subscribe to Seasonal Deal Alerts and Special Offers, if you like.

Simply indicate your preferences after signing in to your Brad’s Deals account.

What to Expect with…

As stated by many users of, the site does all the “dirty work” of finding the best deals online that can help save you the most money; and allows you to take advantage of the best discounts offered for a wide variety of goods, services, and brand names, such as Ralph Lauren, Michael Kors, Sephora, and Nike. The site provides a detailed write-up for their newest and highly rated ‘handpicked’ deals which may include regular prices, shipping fees, sales tax information, coupon codes, exclusions, deal scenarios, and a direct link to the seller’s page.

When subscribed to daily emails, you’re ahead of the game when it comes to staying on top of the best advertised deals, discounts, and printable coupons related to clothing, electronics, jewelry, home goods, bedding, magazine subscriptions, and much more. Becoming an email subscriber increases your chances of purchasing ‘hot’ online deals before they sell out.

Emails sent to subscribers feature some of the best online deals presented in categories, such as Deals Under $20; Deals Over 70%; and Our Exclusive Deals.

Does Offer Cash Back Savings?

Brad’s Deals does not offer cash back savings, so there is no worrying about being credited for your shopping transactions to receive a deal, or tracking down any ‘payments’ owed for participating in a referral program or cash back opportunity.

Brad’s Deals Video offers the following video to explain a little bit about the history and money-saving process of the website – delivered by the founder and CEO of Brad’s Deals himself:

Special Features of

As if enjoying instant access to some of the most attractive deals online wasn’t enough, Brad’s Deals offers the following perks to those who use the site to save money:

Run by a Savings Expert: is run by Brad Wilson, a savings expert and professional bargain-hunter with national recognition. Appearing on numerous national and local news/media outlets, such as USA Today, FOX & Friends, the New York Times, TIME, and AOL Daily Finance, Wilson has also written a book titled, ‘Do More, Spend Less.’ If you’re going to trust any deal and coupon resource, then your best bet is to go with one built around a brand that someone really cares about. Brad’s reputation is on the line…he needs to offer you the best…anything less will reflect poorly on his ability to remain an ‘expert.’

Exclusive Coupon Codes:

Sometimes, various retailers will work with to offer exclusive coupon codes associated with a particular store, such as the previous ‘Spotlight Deal’ shown where shoppers saved over 50% off the regular price of tops and tunics at when they used the exclusive code BDEALS30 at the checkout.

Special Resources:

Another often-overlooked way to save money is to enjoy a special discount associated with satisfying specific criteria, such as benefitting from offers based upon being a certain age or profession. Brads Deals provides an ongoing list for the following unique discounts:

Senior Discounts:

Brad’s Deals features more than 100 businesses that offer discounts for senior citizens, including an assortment of options for restaurants (such as Applebee’s, Burger King, and Chili’s) and retail/clothing stores, like Dress Barn, Kohl’s, and Walgreens.
Student Discounts: As an increasing number of college students try to make ends meet while getting an education, there are a handful of businesses and restaurants that attempt to make life easier with student discounts that range from travel to food to clothing deals, such as J.Crew, Amtrak, Apple, and Subway.

Teacher Discounts:

Offering nearly 100 discounts for teachers and educators, Brad’s Deals lists a variety of savings related to cutting down the costs of out-of-pocket expenses at various bookstores, retail, and school supply stores, including Barnes & Noble, Academic Superstore, Jo-Ann’s Fabrics, Home Depot, Lowe’s, and Crayola. Oftentimes, a valid school I.D. or tax exempt paperwork is required to take advantage of most deals for teachers.

Military Discounts:

Highlighting more than 200 stores and services that offer discounts to active, reserve, and retired members of the U.S. military and their immediate family members, Brad’s Deals maintains an ongoing list of military discounts. From restaurants like Cracker Barrel and Denny’s to Kohl’s and the Gap clothing stores, many of these discounts are unadvertised, and require a valid military I.D. in order to reap the benefits.

Brad’s Deals iPhone & iPad App:

Brad’s Deals offers an on-the-go resource for the iPhone and iPad that provides easy access to some of the best online deals and coupons. You can download this application for free at the Apple App Store.

Any Complaints Regarding Is Brad’s Deals a Scam?

Frustration about Brad's Deals

As for the common complaints regarding Brad’s Deals, many gripes that consumers tend to express mostly involve things that the website really has no control over, such as:

  • Not Happy with the Merchandise Received: Despite Brad’s Deals being a discount shopping site that connects visitors to online coupons, promo codes and free shipping leads, users have laid blame on Brad’s Deals for the poor quality of merchandise received when using the information posted on the site. Not a fair gripe to have…since Brad’s Deals is not responsible for the things that consumers choose to purchase. They only share ways on how to cut final costs when shopping online – it’s up to you to decide how to spend your own money.
  • Advertised Special Discounts that Do Not Work: Brad’s Deals offers an ongoing list of Special Resources on their blog that highlights businesses and services that offer discounts for the military, students, teachers, and seniors. Some have complained that ‘half’ of the discounts on the lists are invalid, yet it is clear that many have failed to read disclaimers stating that some retail managers and supervisors have the right to fulfill various discounts at their own discretion.
  • Other users are simply griping for nothing, and have not fully investigated a specific discount. For example, one commenter claimed that Apple does not give a discount to students, which prompted Brad’s Deals to provide a direct link to the Apple Education Pricing page, which offers students, faculty, and staff up to $200 off the purchase of a Mac.
  • Emailed Deals that Do Not Work: Another complaint seen from some users of Brad’s Deals is that advertised savings in Brad’s Alerts emails that are no longer valid once a user clicks on a specified link. However, deals do not last forever and as the old saying goes, ‘Snooze you lose.’ With tons of people rushing to grab a good thing before it’s gone, stock runs out and deals become invalid at the discretion of the retailer once merchandise is no longer available. This is not the fault of Brad’s Deals.

In a Nutshell…

nutshellBrad’s Deals takes a more personalized approach towards delivering the news on deals and discounts found both online and offline. The style of writing and website design of Brad’s Deals doesn’t make visitors feel bombarded by an overwhelming amount of information and deals being thrown in their face. The site definitely gives off the vibe that you are able to take advantage of the ‘best’ or most popular online deals.

In addition to maintaining lists of current, ‘handpicked’ savings, site contributors are also pretty active on the blog, which provides one-on-one communication with users and readers to encourage a more detailed, efficient experience when using the site to shop. Instead of just sharing an online deal and providing a direct link, does so much more to enhance your shopping experience by highlighting the reasons why a particular deal is the best.

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    I have loved Brad’s Deals for a long time now, but the new format is discouraging me from using it. If you click on something when you’re interested in it and want to see the details there is no back arrow, as there once was. So if I click on something and want to go back to look at Brad’s Deals I have to go back to the beginning and open the site and start at the beginning again. It was so user friendly before and now it definitely is not.

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